Auditing Classes

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Auditing is a great way to dig deeper into the Bible, theology, church history, or other important aspects of Christian life. Anyone is able to audit classes for a discounted price. 

Students choosing to audit, are students (who may or may not already hold a university degree) who are not responsible for exams or written assignments required for credit-seeking students. However, audit students should come to each class having done the readings on the course syllabus so they can thoughtfully engage with their fellow credit-seeking students during class.

If you would like to audit a course at the TEDS Milwaukee extension site, and you have taken a class with Trinity before, complete the Request for Registration. If you have never audited a class with Trinity before, you must also fill out an application before your registration can be processed — the PDF linked below will guide you step-by-step through that application process.

Current Courses for Auditing at TEDS Milwaukee: