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Academic Questions:

How do I sign up for classes?

Please view the following instructions to register via my.tiu.edu

  1. Log into my.tiu.edu
  2. Click “Plan and Register” on top of the screen at the blue bar
  3. Scroll until you see a green plus sign and Click on “Add/Drop Courses”
  4. Select Term
  5. Select Student Program
  6. Select Course Program
  7. Click tab names “Add by Course Code”
  8. Add Desired Courses in boxes 1-6

If you have registered successfully, you will see your course under “Your Schedule (Registered)” at the bottom of the screen

How do I log into Moodle?

Moodle is the online classroom utilized by TEDS and TEDS-Milwaukee. Please follow the steps below to log in:

  • Log into my.tiu.edu
  • Look at “Quick Links” on the left hand side
  • Click “Moodle”
  • Select which folder you need to access based on which school you are apart of
  • Select the appropriate department
  • Select the appropriate class
  • Enter the enrollment key given to you

What are the MA/TS Graduation Requirements?

  1. Complete the General Graduation Requirements for all master’s programs.
  2. Complete a minimum of 42 semester hours with a cumulative GPA for program coursework of a least 2.5, with no coursework graded below a “C-” applicable to the degree.
  3. All entrance deficiencies and conditions are removed.
  4. Complete two semesters of Field Education; or one semester of Field Education and two semesters of Formation Group.
  5. Complete the MA/TS capstone project in the form of an integrative paper or ministry project for 2 hours.

What is the deadline to add/drop/withdraw from classes without a penalty?

Last Day to Add or Drop With Fees, Without a W: 2 weeks into the semester

  • After the 4th, if students drop a course, it will be recorded as a withdrawal (a W) on their transcript Last Day to Withdraw from Semester Long Grad/Doctoral Courses: Sunday, October 13
  • After the 13th, if students withdraw from a course, it will be recorded as an F on the transcript Last Day to Withdraw from Semester Long Undergrad Courses: Friday, November 1
  • After the 1st, if students withdraw from a course, it will be recorded as an F on the transcript

How do I sign up to audit a course?

Never taken classes here before? Please reference this How-To to apply as a visiting student for audit.

Current student? Please fill out a registration request form, and email it to academicrecords@tiu.edu.

How do I find my Unofficial Transcript, Grades, and Degree Programs?

To view your grades and unofficial transcripts…

  • Log into my.tiu.edu
  • Select “My Courses” on the blue bar on top of the screen
  • Scroll Down
  • On the bottom right you will see two headings as options to select
    • Click “My Grade Report”
    • or Click “My Unofficial Transcript”

To view your degree progress…

  • Log into my.tiu.edu
  • Select “Plan and Register” on the blue bar at the top of the screen
  • Select “Degree Progress” on the upper lefthand corner

Can you tell me when _______ is happening? Where is the university calendar?

Please visit this link to see our calendar.

Can you tell me what the course code is for this class? Can you tell me when this class is? Where is this class? Who is teaching this class?

By viewing the course schedule, you can find the course codes, course titles, course availability, course credit, instructor, meeting time and location. Students have access to the course schedule when logging into my.tiu.edu through the pathway below:

  • Log in to my.tiu.edu
  • Academic Resources (blue tab at the top)
  • Course Schedules (on the left hand side)
  • Select what school and semester you’d like to view
  • Scroll, Select a subject, or select Control F to bring up a search bar to search for specific courses

How do I request a transcript? How do I verify my enrollment?

Trinity is now utilizing the National Student Clearinghouse to process transcript and verification requests. Please use the following link to access the Trinity Records page and select the documentation you need from that page. 

Where do I find syllabi? What textbooks do I need?

To find your syllabi…

  1. Log in to my.tiu.edu
  2. Look to the left where it says “Quick Links”
  3. Scroll till you see “Syllabi” and select that option
  4. Select which school you would like to view syllabi for

To view which textbooks you needs you can visit…

  1. Log in to my.tiu.edu
  2. Select “Plan and Register”
  3. View area at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side entitled “Text Book List”
  4. Select “View Results”
  5. There you can view the textbooks that correspond to the courses that you are registered for
  6. The identification number to the right is the best way to find the text that you’re looking for.

Is there a MA/TS Statute of Limitation?

Yes, all MA/TS requirements must be completed within eight years of matriculation into the program. Extension of the statute of limitation for up to two years may be granted by petition when a student has demonstrated consistent program progress toward the degree.

Financial Questions:

What do I owe? or Where is my bill?

The best way to view your student bill is to view your course and fee statement. Any financial aid, charges, or fees that are applied to your account will appear there. Here are the instructions for how to access your course and fee statement:

  • Log in to my.tiu.edu
  • Click the “Student Finances” tab at the top of the screen
  • Scroll all the way down until you see “Course and Fee Statement” under “My Student Information”
  • Click “Course and Fee Statement”
  • Select a Billing Period
  • Click “Generate Course and Fee Statement”

Please note that financial aid awarded for upcoming semesters will be automatically applied at the start of the semester. The awarded aid will not be included in the totals on your COURSE & FEE STATEMENT and will need to be calculated manually. Also, Federal Work Study will not move from the awarded to applied column at any time, and therefore should not be subtracted from the overall amount owed.

When is my bill due?

Thank you for inquiring about our payment policies. To view a full explanation of our policy please visit this page. Also, please feel free to send us any follow up questions that you have have about our policies.

Each semester, students are expected to make payment in full or enroll in a payment plan by the first day of the semester. Failure to finalize payment arrangements will result in a $250 fine assessed to registered students following the second week of the semester. Unpaid balances will also incur a 1% deferment fee on the last working day of each month. New students will receive access to the Dashboard at my.tiu.edu. After being registered, new students can review a Course & Fee Statement with the semester balance. Continuing program students may access the Dashboard at my.tiu.edu to review the semester bill immediately after completing their online registration. Continuing program students are expected to check this Course & Fee Statement for the balance due. A separate bill will not be mailed. Complete information on how to finalize payment can be found at tiu.edu/accounting.


Where is my financial aid?

Please note that financial aid awarded for upcoming semesters will be automatically applied at the start of the semester. The awarded aid will not be included in the totals on your COURSE & FEE STATEMENT and will need to be calculated manually. Also, Federal Work Study will not move from the awarded to applied column at any time, and therefore should not be subtracted from the overall amount owed.

Did you fill out a FAFSA? If yes, then please check your email to see what documents financial aid needs from you. If no, then filling out a FAFSA signals our office to award you.

Are you in financial aid verification? If yes, then please check your email to see what documents financial aid needs from you. If no, please email finaid@tiu.edu.

What is verification? This is a process that we are federally mandated to do. Students are randomly selected by the Dept of Ed. to have their incomes verified so that we award them an accurate amount of aid. We are not able to control the selections. There are many reasons why a student isn’t awarded, so please email finaid@tiu.edu and ask what is needed in order to be awarded.

Can I be awarded more aid?

Options for more aid include:

  • the parent plus loan (apply at studentloans.gov)
  • private loans 
  • the church match program (TEDS and Trinity College)
    • must have all paperwork turned in by the first day of the term
    • the absolute deadline is the add drop period, 2 weeks into the semester church support (submit a check from a church at any time)
  • if you have a special circumstance (an income change within the past 2 years) please email finaid@tiu.edu with an explanation of what that special circumstance is.
    • Depending on the circumstances, they may advise you to appeal your financial aid award.
    • Please do not start this process until you have contacted the financial aid office, this is a lengthy process and should only be done with the go ahead of the financial aid office.

How do I pay my bill?

Here are the payment methods accepted at Trinity:

  • Cash (to be turned into our office in person)
  • Check (written by you or your bank, made out to T.I.U., with the student ID number in the memo line)
  • Online Payment with a Debit/Credit Card (2.5% processing fee)
  • Wire Transfer funds from your bank to ours

If you would like to mail a check, you can send it to the address below in our memo line with attention to Student Accounting’s Office: 2065 Half Day Road, Deerfield, IL 60015.

When will I get my refund check?

Students who have a credit on their account from an excess of Federal Financial Aid can expect a processing time of 1-2 weeks after the credit becomes available on the account. For courses that began on the semester start date of August 21, if the student is eligible for federal student loans, these funds will post officially to the account at the earliest of September 4. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a check to be received after September 4 due to the large volume of funds being issued.

For students whose first class begins later in the term, loan funds will disburse to the account two weeks from the first class start date. Please note the same 1-2 week time frame applies to receive a check after the credit is available on the account. If you would like for the credit to remain on your account for the academic year, please fill out the Title IV Authorization Form. Otherwise, a check will be issued to your campus mailbox. If you do not have an active mailbox, the check will be sent to the mailing address on file. To request to pick up the check in our office, you may submit a Student Account Refund Request. Selecting office pick-up will not expedite a check request.

How do I apply for a parent plus loan?

Please visit studentloans.gov and select Parent Borrowers from the main page and then the top option for Apply for a PLUS Loan. Once you have selected that, you will need to log in the webpage with the parent FSA ID that you used to complete the FAFSA. If you forget your FSA ID/password, select the blue log in button and there is a prompt at the bottom to request this information to be sent to you.

If you get stuck or need help, please be sure to contact the undergrad Financial Aid counselor, Caitlin Cervac, at clcervac@tiu.edu or finaid@tiu.edu.

How do I do loan steps?

  1. Have your course and fee statement on you so that you can use accurate numbers in your loan steps
  2. Go to studentloans.gov
  3. Log in using your FSA ID and password
  4. Select your population (Undergraduate Students or Graduate Students)
  5. Select “Complete Entrance Counseling” in the list of bullet points
  6. Click the blue start button.
  7. Add Trinity International University under “Add School to Notify” School Name: TRINITY INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY School Code/Branch: G01772 School Address: 2065 HALF DAY ROAD, DEERFIELD, IL 600151283
  8. Select Student Type
  9. Go through the Entrance Counseling
  10. Make sure you get a confirmation screen, then select “Complete Loan Agreement for a Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan (MPN)” on the right hand side. If it does not show up on the right hand side, simply go back to the home screen by clicking the banner at the top that says “Federal Student Aid, Student Loans.gov” to select your population and select, “Complete Loan Agreement for a Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan (MPN)”
  11. Make sure you get a confirmation screen, then you are all done with loan steps!

How do I accept, reject, lower or increase my loans?

Please fill out a Loan Adjustment Form to alter your loans. Email the document to finaid@tiu.edu.

How do I pay back my loans?

Thank you for inquiring with us about your student loans. Please visit nslds.ed.gov and log in to view information about your loans. The contact information for your lender should be available there.

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