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$540/credit for Credit or
$200/course to Audit


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Personal Attention

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As a full extension site of TEDS, we bring in the best Trinity professors each week to teach. Classes are flexible, on nights and weekends, and are taught in-person, many with synchronous Zoom options available. Each class meets once per week on a semester schedule, so you can remain committed to your family, job, and ministry. 

About Teds Milwaukee

Quality Seminary Training in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eastbrook Church and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), located in Deerfield, Illinois, have partnered to offer masters level coursework at Eastbrook or Elmbrook Church, so you can complete your entire degree at our extension site in Milwaukee while still being involved in your ministry and family.

Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Our MA/Theological Studies draws from the breadth of the curriculum in biblical, theological, historical, and global areas, combined with a substantial number of elective hours that allow each student to uniquely shape their coursework. 

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Certificate of Theological Studies

Designed for persons who desire to take seminary course work but are not eligible or do not wish to enroll in a degree program. It is also an appropriate course of study for persons who have not yet decided on a degree program but who wish to experience seminary course work or to clarify their ministry calling.

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Auditing Courses

Auditing is a great way to dig deeper into the Bible, theology, church history, or other important aspects of Christian life. Anyone is able to audit classes for a discounted price. 

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What People are Saying about TEDS Milwaukee

  • Attending TEDS Milwaukee has expanded my personal growth by calling me higher into disciplining myself. The reward of seeking Him in study and connecting to a community of learners who too are listening for His perspective on many issues today, has changed my life. If you need a push and desire to grow in fulfilling your purposes, I say don’t delay: open your heart, come into Him, and receive. 

    Sheila Haygood, MA
    Founder/CEO of Worthy International Ministries Inc. & Coordinator of Perspectives World Wide Christian Movement
  • The world desperately needs the gospel, and a training ground that is boldly evangelical—for teachers, for pastors, for theologians, and for counselors. A place where faithfulness to the gospel of the Cross is at the very center of our training, practices, and study. My goal is to ensure that this continues to be the mission of TEDS. 

    David W. Pao, PhD
    Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • At my lowest point, after a family crisis, God re-ignited my desire to go to seminary and in effect said, “it’s your time—go back to school.” There was no career strategy, no compelling reason for me to go to seminary other than that call. So, I took the long, slow road, one course at a time to 42 graduate credits. And, I loved it. Higher education is so much more than downloading content into your brain; it’s about being changed intrinsically, and that takes time. It has strengthened my theological framework, enlarged my perspective, and taught me new approaches to problem-solving. 

    Pastor Laure Herlinger
    Sr. Director, NextGen Ministries, Eastbrook Church
  • Whether you are a life-long learner and simply choose to audit courses or seeking a seminary degree, TEDS Milwaukee provides you options, flexibility, and a convenient location at Eastbrook Church. The quality of education only further expands and strengthens your understanding of theological truth.

    Lupe Dueñas
    Sr. Director, Ministry Services, Eastbrook Church

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