This guest post was contributed by Dr. Mel Lawrenz, Pastor of Elmbrook Church. Dr. Lawrenz will teach a fall semester TEDS course starting on Tuesday, August 30. Have you ever wondered who decided what writings constitute Scripture? Or when Christians first started talking about the Trinity? Or why Martin Luther is so important? Do you know why Christianity spread across the Roman Empire like wildfire? Or who came up with the idea of monasteries? Or why there are so many denominations? Why were Christians persecuted in the Roman Empire? What were the Crusades all about? Did any of the Vikings become Christian? Do you want to know more about basic Christian beliefs and how they have been described across the ages? Would you benefit from some continuing education for ministry, or are you working on a degree? Or would you just want to enrich your understanding of the remarkable movement we call Christianity? This fall, TEDS Milwaukee will offer a three-credit course, History of Christianity I, that will cover many of these questions and more. The course will be held on Tuesday evenings, August 30 through December 3, in the B-200 wing at Elmbrook Church. The cost to audit the class is $200 (total); to take it for credit is $535 per credit (less than on the main Deerfield, Illinois campus!). Registration and enrollment through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is required. While the class is in-person, there is an option to attend via Zoom some of the time (registration still the same). Questions? Contact Terri Carlson at or visit for more information.  
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